Missions are a vital part of the school life of Phil & Jennie Gaglardi Academy. Through missions, students learn to see the world through the eyes of the God who created it all and what their role can be. Students experience new opportunities, gain new faith, and are transformed as a result. All our students are part of missions, in some way or other, here at Gaglardi Academy.

Annual Tanzania Missions Trip
LOGO.Jumas World

Each year, our Grade 12 class partners with Juma’s World in Tanzania whose purpose is to transform the lives of children, so that the children of Tanzania may become a generation of leaders who will positively impact their country and their world.

Some of the ways that Juma’s World assists with this is through establishing homes for orphaned children, providing education, setting up microloans for students once they have completed their education, and helping with practical projects such as digging wells and establishing sponsorship programs to bring the necessities of life to children who desperately need it. Above all these things, Juma’s World seeks to build relationships – with local community leaders to assist them in making these things happen, and with the people themselves, particularly children, who need love and compassion to empower them to dream of a future that is hopeful.

Check out the videos below and see how these mission trips have transformed the lives of our graduating students.

2015: Year Two

2014: Year One

2014: Child Sponsorship

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Grade 12 students finance this mission trip by organizing various fundraisers throughout the school year such as: an annual fundraising dinner, school & community fun fairs, bottle drives, and service work throughout the community. Funds are also raised by other students in the school like the Grade 6 Angels of the Valley who host fundraising activities of all sorts in order to donate it to the grade twelves and their Tanzania missions trip. Where there is a need, the whole school works to fill it. We’re definitely better together.

Check out the following video of 2017’s An Entertaining Fundraising Dinner. This fun event is put on every February and is a significant fundraiser for our graduating students’ missions trip to Tanzania each May. We hope to see you at the next one!